To Our Dearest Beta Testers,

Thank You so much for the work you've put in over the past 10 months. We had many laughs, such as the sudden jump of Thursday the 20th, and many cries, like those who held onto "It's October 3rd" way too long. Firms were formed, memes made and submitted, and tendies shared by all. However, all good things must come to an end, and that end is for closed beta test round 1.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR TESTERS: You, our lovely testers, get to enjoy a nice little vacation while we reset all values, memes, and firms.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR NON-TESTERS: If you did not get the chance to beta test NASDANQ/DANQEX, then when we come back for Beta Test Round 2 you will see a much better designed and streamlined website than round 1 did, meaning no sleepless nights wondering if your tendies will be deleted on accident in the middle of the night.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR US: We have several bugs to squash, servers to enhance, UI to redesign, and overall some tweaks here and there to make sure that Round 2 is bigger and better than Round 1 could ever dream of being. If you are a good REACT dev, you can help us get to Round 2 faster by applying at

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR THE FUTURE: Stay Tuned, we actually have a pretty solid grasp of when we want Round 2 to come up and what features are going to be in it, we've just hit that point of development where it makes more sense to take down Round 1 so we can double-focus on getting Round 2 going.

Once again, we of the dev team want to thank all of you. Testers, Fans who didn't test, meme economy and non-economy enthusiasts, and our friends and family who have been completely ignored by us for the past year and a half while we've worked on this.

P.S. Beta Key registration will also be taken offline, but don't worry, when Round 2 comes around we plan to have a lot more people be able to test it.

Sincerely, Danqex Dev Team.